Site IP on Spamhaus blocklist

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Got notified today that my sites IP was on a Spamhaus blocklist, this is of course a CloudFlare IP - my origin tests just fine.

  • I checked all IP’s associated with my nameservers and they check out OK.
  • I did some testing and I have a firewall rule, JS challenge, when this challenge takes a little longer than usual to complete - that’s when my site is served from the bad IP. If I disable the rule then the site is served from a clean IP…

Obviously I would like to keep the rule for security but not at the cost of being on a spam list!

How would this be negatively impacting you/your domain?

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I’m not sure to be honest but when I’ve paid for a premium security service I certainly don’t expect to end up on any black lists as a result

Also more testing has showed that I was wrong about the JS challenge, it seems to be served from the black listed IP regardless of that

Spamhaus does some pretty dumb things. This is one of them. There are quite a few messages here on the topic.


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