Site in blacklist


Our site was blacklisted due to some scripts that were injected into our hosting. This situation has already been resolved, which is why we requested the removal of our site from the blacklist.

… Where?

In order to pursue that part any further, you would need to contact each individual list operator where there are active listings regarding removal.

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Yes, but how do I remove it from cloudflare?

What exactly do you mean with “remove it from Cloudflare”?

Can you demonstrate how you mean that Cloudflare is involved with this?

This is what @buttner.bruno is looking for:

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I unchecked the tags and uploaded and we still continued.

By this same link that I analyzed, how can I solve it?

Have you removed the tags that you feel don’t apply and then clicked submit?

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yes i did it 2 days ago

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I don’t know if there is anything else you can do but wait. If there is, perhaps someone else will share it in a reply here.

Is there any email, phone that I can get to try to speed it up?

No there is not.

@buttner.bruno I see the domain is currently categorized as business, malware and phishing. Since the latter two fall into the category of security threats, I assume that’s mostly related to TS issue. You may be required to wait for the update on the same platform as pointed by .

Does the platform deliver any deadlines?

Sadly there’s none.

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