Site Hit Hard by China Coincidental with Blocking China

I went through a week of attacks to wp-login and xmlrpc which were mostly mitigated by adding Cloudflare Pro.

Got up at 3:00 AM to see progress and saw some activity from China – not a lot. No sooner did I block them that all of a sudden they were on my site by the thousands (see attached).

I’m new at this. What does the group here make of this, especially since it started a minute after I blocked China? They’re mostly GETs as opposed to POSTS. Does this resemble web scraping or is it something else I should be wary about?

Thank you.

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Hi @andytheo, can you add a screenshot of the other aggregated statistics from that same page you attached? That would help understanding what’s likely going on.

Sure. I’ve attached last 24 hours. The POSTs are down to almost nothing (18). Those rules work nicely. The GETs are outta control (21K+).

Thank you for looking deeper into this. :slight_smile:

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