Site have low perfomance


Hi, I have Argo enabled on my site. At first site works very fast, but after few days it goes very slow, the full load speed now ~33s but it was before cloudflare ~5s, and on first days with cloudflare ~3s. How can we find an issue? I have now paused cloudflare before of low perfomance.
Site is


There is something wrong with the javascript.
After ~3 minutes keeps loading the website. 707 requests and counting, that is a lot.


I see a full load in ~3 seconds, DOMContentLoaded at ~1.2s, sometimes even lower and it’s with caching disabled on the browser.

The size is 4MB before all those requests @adaptive is talking about.


Yes Now cloudflare is disabled. But after enabling it becomes 33s.


Would you mind enabling Cloudflare again for a bit? I will take a look in the next couple of hours and see the actual behavior. Without it enabled it’s hard to diagnose a particular case.