Site has been setting up for 3or 4 days?

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*What is the domain name?*

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You haven’t yet changed your nameservers at your registrar. Until you do that, your site will be stuck at Pending.

% whois
   Domain Name: 4PLUS4PLUS.COM

You really did not give a lot of details, @biggeo550, nonetheless, the reply from is spot-on.

How long ago did you contact namecheap and ask them to update your name servers to the two shown on your cloudflare dash? Those are found here, . Remove the current two

Name Server:
Name Server:

With regards to your ticket 2872684, please immediately cancel any subscriptions you do not want and reply on that ticket to let the agent know you did so.

Ah, it looks like nameservers were set correctly for a while, but something changed a couple of weeks ago. Contact namecheap to find out why.

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