Site has been down after changing name servers

My site has been down since i changed the original name servers to the new cloud-flare name servers.
I believe its error 506 with “Variant Also Negotiates”.

How can i resolve that?

Hi @fresherjobsuganda, the error message reported definitively does not from Cloudflare. From search on Google, some 506 error code detaul,

Your origin server logs should show traces of this error to help troubleshoot.

Hello Cloonan,
Thanks for reply.
Unfortunately, the error changed to something below;
Error 1000 DNS points to prohibited IP

May you have an idea regarding how to resolve the same?

You have probably entered a cloudflare IP address as the value of your A record called the same thing as your domain. That IP address should be the IP of your origin server and the A record should be named @

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