Site has been broken for over 20 hours, no response from support :(

My site, has been down for 20 hours now, and no response to the support ticket I raised.

I am reasonablly sure it is an issue with my Cloudflare config, as when I put the site in Developer mode, everything goes back to normal.

But when I try to access the site without developer mode, the site just continuously refreshes without loading content.

Diagnostics all come back fine, so I’m a bit stumped.

Kicker is, I only recently upgraded from Free to Pro to see if it would help with speed on mobile devices. What I’ve actually ended up with is a massive outage.

Does anyone have any suggestions? or am I stuck here, repeatedly enabling developer mode every three hours for the rest of my life?

The issue first materialised when Cloudflare failed to run a speedtest, citing a 200 status from my site as the issue (which I thought meant success, but anyway…)
Later in the day I realised that while the site looked okay to me in my browser, it was in fact unavailable to others. Not sure why it looked okay to me - possibly local cache? Ahrefs scores etc have plumeted too :frowning:

Support ticket: #2219063

There’s a problem with your home, infinite 301 chain! It seems it tries to display a sort of captcha, redirecting me to .well-known/captcha. Do we have another “captcha infinite problem”? Others page of your website seems fine for me.

Thanks for taking time to look a this. I’ve popped it back into Developer mode now, so it will all work again for another three hours :slight_smile:

Have you tried to disable Captcha for a moment on your website without developer mode? Anyway, it pretty seems a Cloudflare problem with the “infinite stuck”. Maybe a MVP can confirm.

What I’d like to suggest you is to capture the infinite stuck problem with Captcha by generating an HAR file and then open a ticket at support, reporting the problem. If you’re pro plan, you should receive an response in about 1/2 business days (IIRC).

Hi @its_john_mac,

Do you have any caching related page rules? If so, can you try disabling any Cache Everything rules and see if it then works without Developer mode.

What do you mean by an infinite captcha? Is it a full page Cloudflare captcha screen or one embedded in your site?

an infinite captcha?

Blank page with <meta refresh..> to /.well-known/captcha. The page /.well-known/captcha redirects to / that also redirects to /.well-known/captcha and so on.

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You should create HAR file as support will ask for it. Don’t forget to upload it on support ticket.

After that, check ssl setting if it’s flexible try other. Last pause cloudflare for some time.
You can find this option on overview tab on right bottom part.

Thanks. SSL is currently set to full. I’ve tried dropping it to Flexible, but no obvious difference. I’ve tried purging the cache, and I’ve tried turning off all the options under cache. Still no change. The only thing that seems to work is putting in into developer mode.

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You should pause cloudflare after creating HAR file.
Wait for support response.

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Thanks Sando - not sure this is related to my issue, but its a good point - thank you.

Narrowed it down to Cloudflare’s Automatic Platform Optimization for Wordpress. Turning this off seems to allow me to keep the site running without being in developer mode.
So immediate panic over. Hopefully Cloudflare will come back on the ticket eventually so we can understand why it is causing issues.
I’m on holiday now, but I’ll look at shifting off Cloudflare when I return. I was looking for something that would boost security and speed, but I can’t risk having the site down for days at a time due to a lack of available support. Possibly naively, I had assumed Cloudflare would have a faster response that this. Live and learn I guess.
Big thank you to everyone here who has offered troubleshooting suggestions and advice.

Can you confirm if your ticket has been auto-closed or itf it’s still open? Can you reply and include a link to this thread, along with explaining that you have narrowed down the issue to APO?

I’ll also tag @yevgen here. It may be after the weekend before you get a response on this, though.

Ticket is still open. I’ve added an update to it, and linked to this thread. Many thanks :pray:


I have tested Automatic Platform Optimization for Wordpress against It works without a problem.


That’ll be because I gave up waiting for a response from support and paid someone on Fiverr to reconfigure everything for me instead.
Ironically, my uptime would have been better without Cloudflare because the support response is so dire.

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I’m afraid with you having posted on this on a Saturday, it was a couple of days before you received a staff response. We did reply back on the day and then passed it on. Quicker response times over the weekend are available on higher plans.

If you have any information on your issue that could help others in a similar situation, it would be appreciated if you could share that here.


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