Site gone, can't log into WordPress

How was this issue solved? I have the exact same problem. My site is gone and I can’t log into wordpress. My ISP says Cloudflare is the problem

Hi @theo9285,

Can you share the domain?

You don’t seem to have any DNS records for your domain. You will need these pointing to the server where your site is hosted.

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I removed my website from CLOUDFLARE, changed the DNS back to what it was. It was giving an error of redirecting too many time, I fixed that in PHPADMIN.I see a lot of people complaining about CLOUDFLARE, i will rather try somewhere else.
My Site is fine now and i can log into WP. Thank you for your help.

I find Cloudflare works perfectly once it is configured OK. If you want to try again at any point and have any questions, just let us know :slight_smile:

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