Site goes to go daddy cpanel I think its my a records

Hello all, I seem to have a mis configuration. My Domain is with GoDaddy and when I try and resolve my site it is unreachable. I think it is tied to the A records. I also rant this through the analyzer and got (screenshot). I tried setting the DNSSEC but after reading other posts @sysadmin said that GoDaddy does not have that setup on their side. So I disabled it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated?

Thanks in advance!

Anybody? Please? I am not sure what I should do next?

Also here is the Nameservers I placed in GoDaddy

We can’t help when you hide the domain name.

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Sorry about that Thanks sdayman

Your site redirects to HTTPS, but then says “Future Home Of…”

Was your site working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

Hey sdayman,

Yes the redirect from go daddy was working once you added the cert exception in the browser. After I add the CloudFlare name servers to goes to “Future Home Of…”
here is my destination “

Which TLS/SSL mode are you using here? I expect that it’s Full (not strict).

If you’re able to replace the self-signed certificate, this might work better:

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