Site goes down when I add CloudFlare to it

I have 3 domains working with CF with no issues. My new WordPress site as soon as I add CF it goes down and doesn’t come up until I remove CF. Really need to figure this out and my hosting provider said it is directly due to CF. My domain is

Based on what did your provider say that?

They might be blocking Cloudflare’s addresses, in which case the connection cannot work.

Which error did you get? As far as I can tell you don’t have a proxy certificate right now, but that might also be because you removed the domain from Cloudflare. Check if you have Universal SSL enabled.

I’d suggest you move the domain back to Cloudflare and then post here.

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If I do the site will go down. DreamHost is the provider and I have 3 other domains through them so they shouldn’t be blocking anything. CloudFlare is an option with them.

What they should is one thing, what they do another. Without an exact error it is impossible to provide further advice. And if you enabled your host’s Cloudflare integration, then I’d advise against that and you better add your domain to a proper account.


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