Site goes down, getting 504 error in Cloudflare

We have been facing a peculiar issue since the last 6-8 months. We asked on various other forums/wordpress and few people said it is to do with Cloudflare.

We get 504 error 10-15 mins randomly and then the site comes back up. What could be the issue?
We checked DNS maps too, that is fine.

Stunning thing is we found nothing in the error logs. Because of this we just moved server from Godaddy to Digital Ocean as well (VPS) and still the issue continues, hence people are saying it is a Cloudflare problem. Can anyone help?


If your server IP address ends in 132 then you currently have a security issue.

The server IP does not end with 132.

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And it actually conflicts with this statement.

132 is GoDaddy’s IP address.

Yes, so we are no longer on Godaddy but Digital Ocean, and are still getting this error. One thing is constant which is CloudFlare on both servers. Hence asking here as others pointed it out, it could be Cloudflare issue

Have you read through this topic:

That is causing a conflict (explains the 504 error)

To fix: Allow ALL IP’s in this range

This should help resolve the conflict @sulabhpuri

I don’t get a 504 error at all

How can a conditional sentence conflict? :wink:

yes, it randomly comes 10-15 mins the site goes down and comes back up.

We thought of that, so switched servers from Godaddy shared to Digital Ocean VPS, still the problem is there. But cloudflare is on both of them, so people pointed out it would be clouflare.

So the error is sporadic?

yes. So need a solution, if anyone can help.

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