Site getting flagged as malicious

Need some help here. We have our 1 domain that redirects to our main domain which is through Cloudflare proxy our original site is getting flagged as malicious but we don’t have that original domain. It’s an automatic 301 redirect.

Where is it flagged? At Cloudflare Radar? :thinking:

May I ask if you’re running some anti-virus software on your device while trying to visit your domain? :thinking: redirects to

There is av on the device that flagged this but not sure if that is relevant. Virus Total has the site marked as malicious and it is just a DNS entry. I think this has to do with the amount of redirects.

It doesn’t have anything to do with redirection. You only have two: HTTP → HTTPS and then one to the new site.

You can read the reasons for some of the listings as provided by the listing entity by clicking the details tab at VirusTotal.

You will need to contact the entities that are listing your domain. It is unlikely that Cloudflare can do anything here. There are no unusual listings at Cloudflare Radar.

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