Site getting DDOS'ed, what can I do? How is every other site online besides mine

I really need help and interested in potentially hiring someone to help keep my site online. My site is being DDOS attacked but everyone I have working on it has no clue what to do. I find it odd even much more popular sites don’t have this problem. I have a good server, I have Cloudflare. There is IP tables set up on both. What key component am I missing?


not working

Have you tried to challenge the traffic from the country of origin or just based on user agent and/or ASN?

I often find using a big hammer (block or challenge by country) tends to quiet things down a bit and give me time to add more precision to my rules.


I don’t have $1000 a month for Cloudflare enterprise

Please don’t start mutiple threads, it just wastes duplicated effort.

It’s much more than that.

You seem to be under the impression you need an Enterprise account to block a country using the WAF. That is only the case for IP Access Rules. You can use WAF custom rules to block a country on a free account.

Make sure your site is actually proxied so Cloudflare’s protections can be applied to requests to your site if under attack mode isn’t helping.

What is the site?


I can only block 5 countries with the WAF rules, correct?

No that is not correct

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