Site getting 'bad gateway'

site getting ‘bad gateway’ when accessed from freelancer in Czech Republic tonight. Any known problems?


Screenshot and whats the domain?

fine here in UK. Just a problem for freelancer, logging in?

Thats not a bad gateway error, but a regular PHP issue on your server.

mmm. working fine here. Looks like it is having problems communicating with mysql due to poor network performance. Nothing fundamentally wrong with the site. I am logged into it?

they have also been getting bad gateway errors

The database server does seem to be the problem, but thats something you will need to check on your server. Its not Cloudflare related.

‘server has gone away’ would seem to indicate a network issue, as it is working fine in the UK

so my server discriminates between countries? That doesn’t make sense. I’m using it just fine her in the UK.

Could be a network issue or something else. Whatever it is, its beyond the scope of the forum here :wink:

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