Site gets internal server error 500 message

one of my site that has been working fine for a long time suddenly get a 500 internal server error message, when I paused cloudflare the site works, but the lscache can’t connect to, my host said that it is a cloudflare issues, I’ve tried increasing php limit, overwriting wp-includes and wp-admin with a fresh copy, adding some mod to .htaccess but nothing seems to work, maybe I can get some help here, thank you

5xx errors are problems at the web host side. A 500 error should show up in your server logs. I also suspect that the error screen you’re seeing is not a Cloudflare-branded page, so that’s coming straight from your server.

hi @sdayman thanks for your reply, it is branded openresty, my host insist that it is a cloudflare issues, is there anything I could try to get a fix?

Of course they did. 99.9% of the time, it really is them.

When you paused Cloudflare, were you able to connect to your site with HTTPS?

yes, I did

There are a handful of openresty posts here. Maybe one of them can provide a clue into what’s going on.

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I think I’ve read each one and I don’t see a clear answer to the problem

I saw this in one of the post with the same problem, do you know what this mean? fyi I’m using LE for my SSL

That one suggested it was an SSL issue, but you already said that when you paused Cloudflare that you were able to successfully connect using HTTPS.

Just for clarity, was that 500 Error message a plain text screen, or was it Cloudflare-branded?

it’s openresty not cloudflare

Sorry, I forgot that detail. Still, 5xx errors are caused by the origin server. If you can find a way to consistently replicate that error, open a Support ticket and they can probably confirm where the error is coming from. Same goes for your host. Find a way to consistently replicate it and have them take a look.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

ok thanks for your help @sdayman, much appreciated

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Try going to CF admin and do the following
Go to cache
Click purge cache
Then turn on Development mode
Click purge cache again.
Go to your site clear or purge cache.
Hope that helps.

I asked my host for their error log and this is what they gave me, not sure it helps though

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