Site fully using cloudflare workers

Why i need dns records for my site since i will setup using only cloudflare workers?

I don’t have a IPV4 or CNAME to put because i’m building everything with cloudflare workers for my domain.

Without any dns record i can’t put the domain online.
I got some github pages site and de dns for it and after this setup everything work with my domain and my workers :thinking:

You need a DNS record, but it can be just a dummy record. Something like a AAAA record with a target of :: works fine.


Thanks @michael i will test it :rocket:

i wonder if cloudflare could put one toggle on dns records page to active a domain fully built with workers, and do automatically this to the user :slight_smile:

I believe something like that is on the cards.

I use that dummy AAAA for all my originless domains, which are handled by workers or page rules, and I’ve never had an issue.


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