Site "freeze" (and 504 after) for user after getting 403 or 500

D’t know what place is best for this topic, but here’s my problem:

After user on my site get 403 or 500 error, all his next requests in the next 3 minutes are “freezes” (browser tries to load the page for 30 seconds) and then i get 504:

Other users (and other browsers) can work with site without problems during this “freeze” (so, “freeze” affects only browser who cause the 403 or 500 error)

404 works fine (after 404 site works ok). On my local web server everything works fine too.
Is it Cloudflare problem (maybe some security option to “block” users after they get 403 or 500)? Or, maybe, Cloudflare is trying to get something from my site after this error and gets 504 from my nginx (i have set antispam there too).

How could i try to find the problem?


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