Site fetching issue

I’m testing live URL by Bing webmaster tool I will find my site fetching issue

We were not able to fetch this page. Please review with your technical team, web hosting company, and contact Bing Webmaster support if you are not able to fix the issue.

then I Pause Cloudflare on Site problem with solved, After resume Cloudflare on Site still problem is here. Cloudflare DNS record does not work properly on my Site, please fix this problem

I could be wrong but at first glance it seems like the issue could be the bing requests being challenged, do you have any firewall logs we can look at?

thank you for your reply
but no log I was fond

Can you enable the DNS and give us the domain?

I can see that cloudflare is enabled on the domain, however, I can’t replicate the bing error. Everything seems fine, do you still get bing issues?

No is Cloudflare DNS issue
I checked it for A records switch to DNS only for the problem is solved

the problem creates for after I import DNS records file for advanced options, after that, I removed site on Cloudflare and add site again and scanning DNS automatically but the problem is still here
please fix the problem