Site fails to load after DNS update

I have updated my DNS server and the domain status is shown as Active on the Cloudflare Dashboard.
I am able to see emails but my site simply won’t load.
Below is the error. refused to connect.



Domain in question is

If it helps, I am using WordPress and I have installed the Cloudflare plugin and also installed the API key. Post this I have not done any setting on the WordPress backend. And also I am using W3 Super Cache plugin.

Kindly suggest if I am doing something wrong.


www redirects to no-www and it works for me. It would be nicer if you enabled “Always Use HTTPS” in the SSL/TLS Edge Certificates section. (p.s. that’s a very clever domain name. I like it)

Thanks for you kind words!

We don’t have an SSL certificate yet. Do you think we should still enable “Always Use HTTPS”?
Also one more issue, I am able to access my emails using cPanel of my host. But emails configured on my iPhone has stopped working. Thats strange you think I have to do some extra setting somewhere?

Always Use HTTPS will work because your site loads over HTTPS.

Email problems are usually the result of trying to connect to a :orange: hostname in Cloudflare’s DNS proxy list.

HTTPS set!
Email now works like a charm! Thanks again for your help.
Just one last suggestion, in some email boxes my mail sends up in the spam folder. Is there any way I can get this sorted. We do not use the email for mass mailing, the email is used only for business purpose.

Two resources I use to clean up my email:

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