Site down SSL not loading content/pictures/template

Suddenly my site doesn’t load wordpress template,pictures etc a SSL https issue,… when I disable Cloudflare all ok again. I tried “flexible” instead of “full” for SSL but same issue. my site not loading correctly any longer. Why this happens out of the blue and how to resolve? Thanks in advance

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This is a community supported forum so no one has access to your account or domain. Is there an error message displayed? A sample URL to reproduce?


thanks for answer please remove “3” from domain.

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From the report below, it’s mostly ok, but a few images are using HTTP. As you may have noticed from my shock, the pictures were very much loading. Same with CSS, templates, etc. Try clearing your browser cache.

oh sorry Sir. I just googled the term NSFW :frowning: sorry.
Yes now suddenly after a hour the site is loading again fine. It was really down on PC, laptop, mobile… now its back up again out of the blue… maybe because a certificate was replaced…? However… thanks for the fast a kind support.

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and now its down again… whats going on… after a few clicks on website the content doesn’t load anymore. SSL TLS… I don’t know what s wrong with Cloudflare…

Is there an error? What does SSL TLS mean in this context? What makes you believe there is a problem with Cloudflare?


The following report says you don’t have “Always Use HTTPS” enabled. It’s in the SSL/TLS settings page in your Cloudflare Dashboard. While you’re there, also enable “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites.”

Other than that, the report says your home page is in pretty good shape.

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