Site Down, SSL Issue?


I had a SSL with Godaddy for several years and switched to Cloudflare/pro package. My old SSL expired last month and Godaddy was driving me bonkers to renew my SSL so I deleted it. Now my entire site is down and I have been a bit under the weather and cannot figure it out. I would be more than grateful for any help.

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Since your server is not longer secured with SSL, you’re getting the 525. Hopefully GoDaddy has a way to install an Origin Certificate in your account:

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Hmm well I also have, I never bought a SSL with godaddy. So I do not understand.


Your SSL setting for hennahut is probably Full (Strict). Your SSL setting for earthdye may be the less secure Flexible. You definitely should have a SSL/TLS certificate on your server.


and EarthDye is working fine… is what I am saying. I thought the certificate was though cloudflare.


OK yes it was on So I just need to call Godaddy?


Either a GoDaddy paid certificate, or the no-cost Origin CA Certificate option.


OK I think I understand :slight_smile:

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the no-cost Origin CA Certificate option, where do I find that?


Scroll up a bit :arrow_up:


Sorry lol. I have been under the weather and it has effected my brain lol.

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Do I need to keep the edge certificates?
and thank you


You definitely need to keep the Cloudflare certificate in the Crypto settings page.


Hi, my site is showing the error 525.
I’m using a host with cPanel. I inserted the CloudFlare Origin CA certificate there.

But I’m still getting this error.

Could you help me?


You put both parts of the certificate there? Does cPanel give you any indication if it’s a matching certificate or not?


I put the CSR, KEY and the CABUNDLE.


Have some delay when we set the Certificates, to CloudFlare identificate them?

Because sometimes I’m able to access, and sometimes no.


Godaddy is telling me I need to purchase one for 250.00 lol , I have access to FTP…


They are known for pushing their paid certificates. So they refuse to configure a free one? Well, I guess that means moving to a proper host :slight_smile:


Now they are telling me to forward the DNS back to them… reinstall SSL… then pay 79.00