Site Down. Server support says its Cloudflare

Whoever recommended that, I suggest you pack your bags and leave. That person basically told you to put your site back on HTTP and remove its encryption. They don’t really know what they are talking about.

@sdayman’s advice was right on spot and at least for now you seem to have a valid certificate on your server and you should make sure you have “Full strict” enabled.

Thanks Sandro. I’m spending the day looking for new reliable hosting. I’ve noticed my Yoast SEO plugin as told me I have an error because my home URL has changed. I’m assuming because it went from https to http back to https. I surely hope that doesnt affect my search rankings. I know how drastic it can be to change URLs.

This is not an issue, modern crawlers can spot easily that you moved from HTTP to HTTPS, doing this is likely a benefit for your ranking.

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