Site down, only works when IP is hardcoded

Our site is down. But when I hardcode the IP to my computer, the site works. I’ve purged all cache and waited an hour, but it’s still not working unless hardcoded.

What’s the site url?

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Your site is working, but your origin server is not configured properly: it is showing the real site with regular HTTP, but a “coming soon” placeholder with HTTPS.

The reason for this depends on how your hosting is set up and what server software is being used, but in general, you have a different configuration for HTTP than you do for HTTPS, and the HTTP one is correct. You should set up HTTPS the same way.


Thank you for your insight! We were having all sorts of problems with our hosting company yesterday, and although they said they resolved the issues, that clearly wasn’t the case. We were able to get back up last night and will be changing hosting companies to a more reliable vendor.

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