Site down due to cross account CNAME - No reply from support in nearly a week

One of my websites is currently down due to an issue with Cloudflare. They have told me the source of the issue in the ticket and that I need to confirm to get this issue resolved (cross account CNAMEs).

I responded to this ticket on Monday stating that I was happy for it to be sorted so that the site would work. It is now Friday evening and I have still not had a response on this ticket and my site is still down!

What can I do to get this ticket looked at asap?!

Not a lot!..

You could share the ticket number. Tagging @cloonan

1621315 is the number.

Hopefully one of the staff here will be able to take a look for you…
@cloonan? @cs-cf?

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Hi @matthew, I do see that ticket, the reply from support, and your comments and have added myself and notes. From looking at the reply, it looks like support was looking for a second ticket to tie to 1621315 (even if it’s from the same email (looks like it should be)), that will kick start the process. Add the reference to 1621315. I made a note to expect it and will kick it along when it comes in.


Hi there,

Why exactly are they looking for a second ticket? That seems really counter-intuitive?

Do I need to send an extra email in to confirm lifting the restrictions, if so, to who?

Hey @matthew, no need, checking now…

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Got it and see the reply, it looks like the engineer has moved it to the next step.

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Thank you very much for the help with this!

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