SITE DOWN -- DNSSEC issues after domain transfer


Transferred our domain to Cloudflare Registrar from Google Domains. DNSSEC WAS disabled prior to transfer, even waited 48 hours. But we believe something went wrong on their end, since it is obvious now after we had waited 4 days for “propagation”, that it did not actually disable when we dug into | DNSViz

We need someone in Cloudflare Registrar/Engineering to help us delete our DS keys and any bogus RRSIGs, and help us get back up. We’ve been down 7 days now.

We’ve had a case Support Ticket (2432116) open now for 3 days with NO RESPONSE from CF support!!! This has been horrible! :sob: :sob:

Someone please see this post, and please help us!!! :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

I’ve added a link to this thread on your ticket and cc’d myself to track progress. I see the zone was added and removed multiple times & dnssec enabled and disabled multiple times over the same period so do suspect the engineer needs review.

Your post is from the 24th & the site been down for 7 days, is that since the 17th? I see the zone was added the 21st and nameservers confirmed on the 22nd, was the site down prior to adding it to Cloudflare?

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