Site down after pointing to Cloudfare

Hey, i just pointed my nameserver to cloudfare and my site was down. I am using atspace as my web hosting. What is my problem ?

What is the domain?

You appear to have multiple nameservers configured, Cloudflare’s and 000webhost’s. You need to delete the other ones and just use the 2 provided by :logo:.

Assuming, given the other nameservers, you use 000webhost, here is a help guide:

i am not using ooowebhost, and i have turn my ssl off

The nameservers for this domain are currently:

You need to delete the 000webhost nameservers

check out
I am using atspace as my web server not ooowebhost

DNS actually looks to be all right, whois shows a completely different set of nameservers though ( Maybe reset the nameservers at your registrar or registry.

Your site appears to resolve fine, though it returns a 404 and the certificate is not issued, possibly because the domain is not active yet.

I’d first sort out the registry issues and make sure the nameservers are properly set everywhere.

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Interesting… shows the CF and 000 nameservers, but yes, whois shows atspace… I agree with @sandro, this probably needs sorting before anything else!

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