Site Down After Nameserver Switch

Maybe I’m missing something. I’ve used Cloudflare for a few small sites and switched Nameservers over to them and those sites seemed to work right away when the transfer was over. I decided today to move one of my bigger sites and set it up using the PRO account level. I completed the Nameserver change with Godaddy and the site went offline right away. I waited 15 minutes and it stayed offline even through I was able to ping to the CF IP and traceroutes seemed to work right. Pingdom which I use to monitor my sites said the site was down during that period too. So I switched things back to Godaddy for the nameservers now. Does anyone know why this would be happening? This was the only site that I’ve tried to use CF with that already has an SSL installed on the server, but in the SSL CF settings I had it set to FULL which I presume was what it should have been. There was no SSL error in the browser however, just that it was not able to connect. Did I not wait long enough?


It’s fine now that I switched it back to Godaddy’s Nameservers

Alright. I’ll try to switch Nameservers again early in the morning and see what happens.

Is there an issue to leaving SSL to OFF in the CF interface? I presume my visitors would still get served the site over HTTPS from my origin server. Would that in any way impede anything like their CDN services, or anything else that is critical?

Just switching nameservers is unlikely to fix the issue. You need to get the proxy certificate working, in this context #2 in that thread is most applicable.

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