Site Down After Host Migration

Hello everyone - Firstly, first time posting and I don’t have a clue what I am doing - Ex employees set things up that I am struggling to change.
We are trying to move the hosting of a website. The new hosting company has the site set up and duplicated on a staging site. The emails are with Gmail (so no changes required) meaning all the hosting company wanted me to do was update the nameservers to point to their ip address.

Cloudflare has been set up for this website and the original A record (I was asked to change A records) wasarecord . This original ip address matches the one listed in Cpanel for the website and also matches 3 other websites on the same original server.
I changed this A record to the one the hosting company gave me and also removed the proxied status.I also changed the cname record for to non-proxied status.
24 Hours later, the site is still down so clearly this isnt right. Does anyone know what I need to do where (TSO Host, Cpanel, Cloudflare) to resolve the website to the right hosting company server?

Knowing you’re new to this, changes should take minutes to seconds to be noticed. So if not right you’ll know sooner than later.

There should be MX/TXT values appointing the domain and its register servers and the A/CNAME will point to the IPs suggesting suddomain/url.

Not sure in this case why is registered under a A value. Seems conflicting. :wink:

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