Site down after GetRespsone subdomain. Index / instead of site

Set up a CNAME subdomain for GetResponse and disabled proxy. GR landing page changed to new domain but now the main website is just Index /. Not well versed in this issue, any suggestions?

If you’ve disabled the proxy (:grey: mode) and it still doesn’t work, you’ll have to resolve this with GetResponse. Don’t set it back to :orange: Proxied until the site is working as expected, and with HTTPS.

Thanks…should’ve asked sooner. I removed the CNAME in CF and removed the subdomain from GR. So no subdomain anywhere, but the site still comes back with Index /

Here’s what GR support had to say…I need to point CNAME back to where it was pointed originally.

cname record for the website already exists and wasn’t touched. Any suggestions on how to point the domain back to the correct servers?

You can comb through the Audit Log at the top of and see if you can find the old values for DNS records. My advice still stands that your DNS record should be :grey: DNS Only until you get the site working on its own.

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