Site down after enable proxy, dont come back

I added a new domain 2 weeks ago, a Nextcloud server. It have worked flawless. Today I decided to enable the proxy because site was stable. But directly I got a 503 Service unavailable and I cant get the site back even if I disable the proxy and flush the cache. 2 other servers on the VPS works flawless

What can I do


Anders Yuran

Hi @anders.yuran,

I’m not sure to which zone you are referring to, however, I was not able to reproduce the error in your websites.

The HTTP error 503 occurs when your origin web server is overloaded. There are two possible causes discernible by error message, as you may see here.

Could you please let us know if this error t contain cloudflare or cloudflare-nginx in the HTML response body?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your answer. I found the problem. I use webmin and without thinking I tested to enable the proxy. I understood that I could not reach the webmin port because cloudflare does not proxy that port, but it was strange that also the website was unreachable. When I disablet the proxy again and flushed the cache it all started to work again. But I really dont understand why the website was affected

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