Site down after changing DNS to Cloudflare 12 hours ago


Please help. My site is I changed the nameservers to Cloudflare more than 12 hours ago and still, the site is down. No other changes made. Hosting is Namecheap. Data inside Cloudflare looks normal. Thank you


The sie loads fine for me, what issue are you having?


Oh I just had if fixed a minute ago after contacting namecheap. thanks though


Hi, I have similar problem for my website after 24 hours.
Can you please suggest me any solution?

I listed 3 websites.

But, none of them are working now after changing DNS.
Tried contacting hosting providers as well.

In cloudflare, SSL status: active
DNS : updated

But, still issue not resolved.
Can someone help?


Check with your DNS record is you have the correct IP address… You may also contact your host. Mine was resolved already after I corrected the IP address inside my cloudflare account.


I double checked all records. Confirmed with my hosting provider company as well. Still not sure, what is wrong.

For 1 website : - all pages except home page are working correctly with secure status. Just homepage not working.


Are these websites hosted in the same server? - - -

I can access
You should contact your host I guess…


both websites are hosted with same hosting provider.

3rd website : is working properly.

I contacted my hosting provider: they assured me that temporary domain link is working fine. They asked me to check with cloudflare team.


Still your host, see my comment in the other thread.


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