Site doesnt work with cloudflare, but does without

Hello all, new to cloudflare , I set it on my domain, updated dns to cloudflare’s and now my site doesnt work properely. I disabled cloudlfare (dev mode) and tested mysite and I had my site configured to redirect to and redirect http:// to https:// now when I turn cloudflare back on, only works if you try it breaks.

any idea?


What do you mean exactly?

That only disables Cloudflare cache, not all Cloudflare features. If disabling cache changes the behavior, you may be using a Cache Rule or Page Rule for caching the HTML, which is not cached by default. If so, please post a screenshot.

With a Cloudflare Page Rule? Redirect Rule? Or at the origin?

Please post screenshots of your Page/Redirect Rules and details of any redirects set at the origin.

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