Site doesn't work after bypassing cache

My website stops working when I bypass the Coudflare cache for some reason.

I have tried bypassing it as a page rule, and by enabling Development mode, both times it stops being able to load the site. When loading it just stands still for quite a while, if I wait a few minutes the website finally appears but looking very distorted any more image files and css files and so on have not been loaded.

Sounds like your origin server is struggling to respond, maybe under heavy load?

What’s your site URL?

It is

Works here. But I don’t even see that there are any images at all in that website, not loading and not in source. Cloudflare doesn’t cache website pages (html) by default, and certainly not when bypassing cache or development mode enabled. What makes you think this is a Cloudflare-related issue at all?

It’s not activated right now, as it’s a production environment and it’s not reachable as soon as I bypass the Cloudflare cache.

The correlation is very clear, as soon as I bypass the cache it stop working, and when I stop bypassing the cache it immediately works again.

I have activated Development mode now and will keep it activated for an hour.

Looks exactly the same as before.

Development mode isn’t the same as “bypass cache”, and your website isn’t even being cached by Cloudflare, regardless of this setting. Cloudflare only caches STATIC assets (jpg, css, js etc). So even with this setting on or off, the request to your website is always going to the origin (your server), and if it fails to load, it’s related to the origin.

After all, that is the point of no caching or bypass cache, that requests are made to your origin.

I checked your website a few times. It loads sometimes, sometimes not. This is your server, and I don’t see why you think it’s related to Cloudflare. The request to your main page document is ALWAYS served by your origin server, no matter development mode, or bypass cache page rules.

Here is one test where your document from origin server took 1.2 minutes to load.

Although the document eventually loaded, you can clearly see from response headers that it is NOT CACHED, but served directly from your server.

I suggest you disable Cloudflare and do some tests on your own server first. Actually, you have already disabled Cloudflare when setting to “development mode”, but it seems you believe Cloudflare is still the cause (which is not logical), so you would have to disable orange cloud in DNS settings or change your nameservers entirely if you think this is caused by Cloudflare even in dev mode.

The description for Development mode in the dashboard explicitly says it bypasses the cache.

The reason I want to disable it is actually related to image files, it seems that the caching causes issues in displaying images stored in an AWS S3 bucket.

But you are right that I should disable Cloudflare until this is resolved. It is likely that there is some issue on the server, but these problems only appear when I use Cloudflare. And the long loading times only appear when bypassing the cache on Cloudflare, and everything loads fine when not bypassing the cache. So to pretend that Cloudflare doesn’t have anything to do with it wouldn’t be logical.

And you can’t say I have disabled Cloudflare by turning on Development mode, Cloudflare is still very much used as a CDN even in Development mode.

Yes, amongst other things. But keep in mind, your pages are NOT cached by Cloudflare anyway, so this just means that it will bypass cache for static assets (like jpg), which will have no effect on if the actual website page document loads or not.

Besides, “development mode” basically means “disable everything cloudflare”, and you are therefore saying “my website doesn’t work with Cloudflare disabled”. That would probably be correct, because the page-not-loading issue isn’t cloudflare related.

Indeed it sounds strange, but that would not be logical. The request for the main document simply takes too long or times out, and this request is always requested directly from your origin, no matter development mode or not.

No it’s not. Bypassing the cache clearly disables the CDN, else it wouldn’t be bypassing cache. Keep in mind as mentioned, your main page document was never served from the CDN/cache anyway.