Site doesn't load. Server Unreachable Error 521: Web server is down


I’m having issues getting my site on CF.

Here’s my setup:

Namecheap custom DNS points to: and
Hosted with Flywheel
Screenshot of DNS config on CF attached. (should “proxied” be automatic?)

Thanks for any help.

Your SSL mode most likely is “Flexible”, change that to “Full strict”.

Thanks, I actually changed it to Flexible as per Flywheel’s recommendations. *It wasn’t working when it was on Full Strict…

I dont know who that is, but that “recommendation” could not have been more wrong. Flexible should never be chosen and is an insecure mode.

Ok thanks well its on Full Strict now…i purged cache everywhere, still nothing :frowning: It’s been about 2 hours since I changed DNS…

All right, earlier I got a redirection loop, possibly because it was cached, now I just get the 521.

Your server appears to be up, so the most likely reason at this point would be a firewall on your server which prevents Cloudflare from connecting.

Hmm ok thanks. Funny they dont mention a firewall in their guide:

That is your host? You currently have that 151 address configured? If so, your server is up but apparently unreachable for Cloudflare. That is most likely a firewall issue and you should contact your host. The addresses from need to have access.

Yeah Flywheel is my host, Namecheap is my DNS. All I have on Namecheap set is the custom DNS to earl and zoe…

Namecheap is your registrar. Your DNS provider is Cloudflare.

Anyhow, you need to contact your host and clarify why Cloudflare cant connect.

Right. Ok thanks a lot for your help, Sandro. Much appreciated.

Could someone answer this question for me? Flywheel support hasn’t responded yet.

Domain is registered at Namecheap
I set a custom DNS in Namecheap to and
Website is hosted with Flywheel

I’ve looked all over for guides how to set this up. What DNS records with Cloudflare do I need to setup? Do I have it correct in my screenshot above? I have an A and CNAME record setup…

On flywheel they use a domain like this and then you point your domain to that. Flywheel status says my DNS is pointed to Cloudflare with an error. Would I need to change in my records to

Thank you!

Your DNS setup looks all right, the issue is the one I mentioned earlier.

Hey again Sandro. I just edited my question…sorry check it out again :slight_smile:

And I have a screenshot here which shows there’s errors on Flywheel…

Well, the error seems to suggest they check whether your domain points to them, which it does not nameserver-wise and only indirectly DNS-wise.

Again, the issue is Cloudflare cannot connect to their servers. Why that is, is something only they can clarify and fix.

Hmm…ok :disappointed_relieved:

If that’s the case, they didn’t mention that in their guide.

I’ll follow up once I hear back…thanks again…

You are referring to, right?

Apart from that inappropriate Flexible suggestion the walkthough looks pretty reasonable. Based on that I’d also assume Cloudflare’s addresses should not be blocked, yet thats exactly what appears to be the case, otherwise you shouldnt get a 521.

You currently have “Full strict” on and your DNS records are exactly what you showed in the screenshot, right?

Can you post a full page screenshot of your SSL/TLS screen on Cloudflare?

Yeah Full Strict is on…here’s a screen.

In this case Cloudflare will connect to port 443 and if the DNS settings are also correct it should all work, as the mentioned IP address does show your site on that port.

Once more, only your host can clarify that I am afraid.

Yeah I was referring to that guide…sorry.

Flywheel has their own SSL certificate for the domain, but there’s also still one active sitting on the registrar Namecheap, not sure if that matters or conflicts.

I don’t know much about the DNS settings on Cloudflare…im assuming its correct cause, as you mentioned, it checks out…just not with the host blocking CF.