Site doesn't load at all via HTTPS, only HTTP

Hi there,

When I was setting up SSL for, the page stopped loading via HTTPS and it now only works via HTTPS.
If I force HTTPS, then it doesn’t work in either.

What’s causing this?

Nal K.

Was your site working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

It was not, I think that something went wrong in the process of setting the SSL up.

As a note, the site is also using WordPress and domain is hosted on a hosting server, whereas the domain is from GoDaddy

That looks like cPanel. Ask your host to add SSL to that site before you try adding it to Cloudflare.

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Thanks, I’ll ask them right away!

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I had a similar issue this very day also (I posted it on here somewhere).

But in my case it also doesn’t work properly http or https (for some reason the styles.css isn’t being referenced or something … so the pages all look funky). When I look at the source code in firefox for my page, there is a cloudflare script that is noticed just prior to the line in my header referencing the css file so maybe it’s Xing it out today? Of course that script is not something that is actually in my html.

Now all my visitors see a warning that my site is not secure.
Just to be clear, everything was working fine up until this morning, as it has been for months.

hey even if the website has mixed http & https content. Will Cloudflare helps to show SSL Secured for the site?

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