Site does not working... ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

Hello everyone, could someone tell me … if my site does not work for something particular?
It has not worked for several hours.
What I did was …
I added my domain (godaddy) to cloudflare, with ipage hosting, also in Ipage the site was with ssl let´s encrypt certificate.
After finishing in cloudflare I activated the flexible certificate.
But I have a feeling that it is something else … I always added domains and everything always resolved quickly … and now there are hours and nothing.
I don’t know how to check if the dns is all right …
I just turned off the certificate and reactivated … but there is no improvement.
The google / firefox notifications currently say:


Any suggestion?

If your site has a Let’s Encrypt certificate, you should set your SSL mode to Full (Strict).

Thanks, I add … I disabled it from ipage.
Anyway should I mark it in cloudflate as full?

For now, you should get HTTPS working on your site again without Cloudflare. In the DNS settings here, click the :orange: for your website hostnames so they’re :grey: and then fix the certificate on your server.

I cannot re-enable the let´s encrypt in ipage … ipage tells me that the NS does not point to ipage .

Although let’s encrypt is turned off from Ipage, in cloudflare activate ssl as Full and now it works. I hope it continues like this.
Thanks for your help.

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Unfortunately the site did not work again.
It has the same configuration as the other CF sites I own.
Now the error is:

What else could I do?

You could try setting SSL to Full (not strict). But clearly there’s an HTTPS problem at your server that you’re trying to fix with Cloudflare. This is not a reliable approach, as Cloudflare can not fix something that’s inherently broken on your server.


Thanks @sdayman
This morning it appears to be working ok.
Thanks for your help and your time.

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