Site does not work on mobile

After connecting the site with Cloudflare, I noticed that the site was not opened from the mobile phone, but it works fine on the desktop.

I have PositiveSSL on my hosting.

The plugins installed on WordPress are:
Really Simple SSL
Wordfence Security
Smart Custom 404 error page [404page]
a3 Lazy Load

When you disable Cloudflare, the site works fine on mobile and desktop.

Mobile Redirect is off

What is the site @Ahmed?

mac-topia com
but i disabled cloudflare now

Impossible to test if the site is (not) working on Cloudflare given you have disabled it.

It enabled now

I see no issue loading the site on either desktop or mobile.

What error do you see?

The connection is broken
A network change has been detected

Heyy, seems like it MAY be your ISP blocking Cloudflare’s IP.

Can you try using a friend’s mobile using another ISP? Or, try using Wifi instead of cellular data.

Does the issue persist?

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