Site does not log in user with proxy activated on dsn

When I disable proxy and DNS that points to the server, my website logs users in as name and password and 100% login. But when I activate proxy in DNS, my website loads normally but users cannot log in to the website!
Please can someone help me!

Hi there,

I would suggest checking 2 things:

  • 1st - check if there’s any blocking at the security events that might explain the behavior. If this is the issue then it’s a matter of create a rule to bypass the block.

  • 2nd - if the 1st one is not the problem, try and place the zone in Dev mode by going to CachingConfiguration and enable Development Mode. If this second one solves your issue then you can be sure it’s a caching issue, and you can create a cache rule to bypass cache on the login path and then disable Development Mode again.

Take care.

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