Site DNS already with Cloudflare, 404

My site’s DNS is already with Cloudflare and I was using a temp URL to create the new site, I updated the A records in Cloudflare to the new IP Address and also ensure the database Site URL and Home URL were changed. The site however is still showing a 404 error and I am not sure why. Site is Help please :slight_smile:

First issue, your server certificate has expired almost three years ago and needs to be renewed as you had an insecure setup since then. Plus you should fix your encryption mode on Cloudflare.

Thanks, how do I do all of this? Sorry I have never moved a site over etc?

I have two IP addresses for your site. One ending in .146 and one in .6. Which is the new one?

This is what it says on the settings though

Yes, that should be “Full strict” but you need to fix the certificate too, assuming that .146 address is the current one.

Okay so the share IP needs to end with 131

That’s the address your host gave you?

Would you feel comfortable sharing it here? Also just temporarily, you can remove it afterwards.

The one from the old host is 146

If it solves my issue yes but what are the security risks :slight_smile:

Just post it here briefly.

Okay, now edit your posting and remove the address and then remove the posting.

Did it delete?

That’s either not the right address or your host did not configure it correctly. There’s just random content there, plus there is no SSL certificate.

I am afraid you need to clarify this with your host. You need the right address and with a proper certificate, then you can upload your content and point Cloudflare to it.

The site was created on a temp URL, here is the temp URL -

The whole site is right on that URL but I wanted that site to now be the one that goes live?

That server does not know about your domain though.

Okay thanks I am on the line with them now, just to confirm, the temp url just needs to be updated in the database on the server to the correct site and home url and then on Cloudflare I ned to point the DNS A record to the new Ip Address?

You will need to update the IP address in the DNS settings of Cloudflare, but as long as your server is not configured for it, there’s no point.

You need a valid certificate on your server and the content of course.
Your host is responsible for the certificate.

Thanks I am on their back now :slight_smile:

What you can do is, change your IP address on Cloudflare and keep Cloudflare paused until everything works, and only then unpause. In that case requests will go directly to your server.