Site data lost due to issue on Cloudflare on 7th November

Hi we got this issue in our website “Future home of something quite cool. If you’re the site owner, log in to launch this site If you are a visitor, check back soon.”, so i contact GoDaddy support to check what happen in the site they say Please update your A record to point to this IP address: to hosting IP
so i update this A record on Cloudflare by doing this site got working but with old data around 7 days ago so can you pls make us to understand how the data is got lost and how we can recover it

at the same time Cloudflare got issue on there end on recent incident on 7th November

Can you give the domain name?


we lost 7 days data on this

It seems to be working. Domain resolves to Cloudflare IP addresses and the site… shows a site just says “Hi godaddy” so I assume you need to add a redirect on Cloudflare so http->https or you need to set your godaddy hosting to do the redirect.

they are also checking the site but the problem is site is working but not showing latest posts that we enter from 1st nov to 7th nov that is the issue

Have you tried clearing the cache?

Try to pause Cloudflare. If the data still does not show, the problem is at your origin.

yes i did this

Hi there,

Just to make things clear, Cloudflare can’t lose data because Cloudflare does not host… well, not in this case anyway. At most you might need to purge the cache depending on your settings.

If you already purged the cache, then the issue might be at some of your WordPress plugins.

If you have any cache-related plugins installed, please remove them or at least temporarily disable them and check again.
Also, you have your browser cache TTL settings set for 4h, this means that your local browser cache will only expire after 4h, even if you flush Cloudflare cache… And you can’t force a cache delete on a local browser (in Cloudflare settings - you can do it locally), meaning that after you cache the assets the 1st time your local browser will only refresh them after that set TTL.

Take care.


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