Site crashed after changing nameservers for site connection

Client’s site’s original nameservers was bonnie ns cloudflare com and clark ns cloudflare com

I needed to connect the site to my CF account to set up APO.

After we change the nameservers to jean ns cloudflare com and lex ns cloudflare com as per requested in the CF setup, the site crashed with a 1016 error.

Then we tried to reverse it. I disconnected the site from my cloudflare account. and changed back the nameservers to bonnie and clark

The site is still inaccessible with SSL error. The problem is I cannot do anything from my cloudflare’s account, and the hosting guys said it’s not their problem.

I have no access to the client’s previous cloudflare connection. They have no idea about it too.

I need tech support from someone in cloudflare to disconnect the site totally from cloudflare, for me to restart the connection again.


There is no support action that requires intervention from Cloudflare. If your client has no access to the account with the previous Cloudflare nameservers they should start over in a new Cloudflare account.

You should not put a client domain in your account. You can have them invite your account to access theirs.

You should probably manually create the DNS records using information obtained directly from the client’s various service providers. If you populate your DNS via scanning, you are bound to wind up with Cloudflare proxy IPs in your zone and that will result in a whole lot of nothing.

We are sorry to hear you are experiencing with the issue.
1016 error means origin DNS error.

Have you setup DNS records?
Please make sure to input correct DNS records on your settings.
If you still have any issues, please let us know your domain name having an issue with.

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