Site Connection Not Private

My site isn’t working. It shows connection is not private. I have the SSL certificate as well. So not sure why this security error is showing up. Originally the domain was from Namecheap, I tranferred it to Cloudflare. Please check screenshot attached.

Unfortunately you do not. That’s why you are getting the error.

You need to talk to your host and get a proper certificate on your server.

It says I have SSL certificate. If it is not working, why isn’t working. I thought I get a FREE SSL certificate with Cloudflare.

I am afraid, that’s not how it works.

As I mentioned, you do not have a certificate on your server and need to address this with your host.

Also, you have an insecure mode on Cloudflare and should change that to Full Strict.

Okay thanks. I will follow up with the host. By any chance, would you know how I can find out who is my host because the domain was from Namecheap but it says I have no hosting with Namecheap. So I am confused who is my host?

The host is where you are hosting your site. The service for which you pay every month.

Presumably estage.

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