Site complete broken after turning on Cloudflare

My site isn’t loading I resetuped Cloudflare 6 times every time I go on my page after activating Cloudflare it doesn’t load I tryed everything end end up with the error 1016 at this point I delet my site from Cloudflare and try everything again
My Domain

I got “white page” returned.

May I ask if you have an A or CNAME record at Cloudflare DNS dashboard for (and pointed to your hosting IP address (host/origin server)?

I also see your domain is registered with 1&1 service.
By far of using it, obviously you have at your Cloudflare DNS dashboard:

  1. two A records pointing an IPv4 address
  2. two AAAA records pointing to an IPv6 records

And all of them being :orange: cloud, is that correct?
If not, then you would need to add an A records and point them to your 1&1 hosting provider and make them :orange: (if wanted to proxy your traffic via Cloudflare).

I do not get 1016 error, but regarding it, here is an article explaining and offering step-by-step to find a possible solution:

So i tryed Both i have a subdomain pointing to the ns and the main domain is pointing to the server IP in the 1&1 hosting configuration i point the domain to the Cloudflare name server and the ip from the Server

Could you please post a screenshot of your DNS records at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain?

You have a Cloudflare app installed and configured in maintenance mode?

< edgy-mode: maintenance

if you mean this yes

I meant this:

Edgy | Stay online so you can focus on more important things. One-click maintenance mode and downtime notifications. (

Zone | Apps | Installed Apps

It’s currently configured to respond with a 222 to all requests (and is doing so).


omg i cry thank you

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