Site can't provide secure connection in browser error despite SSL being turned off

I use a public sub/domain to resolve private IP addresses when I am on my VPN. Behind the n0 subdomain I have an ubuntu computer that runs various servers. Currently, I am trying to access a Minio container at to view the console. However, all browsers return a “This site can’t provide a secure connection ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR”. Curling the endpoint gives the correct AccessDenied response. Directly accessing the private IP address works. And I tested pointing the .com variant of this domain on Google domains and it works fine only warning about being insecure. I have also tried changing the TLS/SSL settings on Cloudflare to Off and full with no success. It seems to be a Cloudflare related issue. Also, I do clear my browser cache between attempts. Any suggestions on how to access my site?

You cannot disable https for a .dev domain in most common browsers.


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