Site can't provide a secure connection

when i go on my site using https it says ‘this site can’t proviide a secure connection’, my cloudflare ssl certificate is active

Is your server-side certificate active as well?

how do i check that? when i go to edge certificates the type is universal and status is active

I am not talking about your Cloudflare certificate, I am referring to your server certificate. That’s unrelated to Cloudflare.

I do not know what that is

Did your site work on HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

no it did not

Then that’s the issue. Your site needs to work on HTTPS before you do anything else. Talk to your host.

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the host is my vps

Then you need to talk to them.

talk to who? it had https when it was wordpress

Talk to the person who maintains your server.

i am the person

Then it will be you who needs to make sure your server is properly configured for HTTPS.

ok but how

I am afraid server administration is beyond the scope of this forum. You best clarify this on StackExchange or Reddit.

What you need is a proper SSL configuration on your server, then you can consider Cloudflare.

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