Site can't be reached error , CNAME

Hello, I’m trying to activate CNAME link tracking through Sendgrid, DNSimple and Cloudflare. I’ve configured everything and I get “this site can’t be reached error”. Is there anything I missed? Thank you

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My link to access through mail is this, so you can see the error :

Your sendgrid records all need to be set to :grey: DNS Only

Thank you for your answer, here it says the opposite : why? Are you sure I need to do that?

Hmm yeah seems I’m incorrect. Was thinking it would be the same as sending an email with sendgrid.

Edit: The link you posted above isn’t using the links subdomain. Are you sure your branded link is setup correctly on sendgrid?

Edit 2: Looking at you will need to make sure to customise the subdomain to be “links” otherwise you can just change your CNAME to your sendgrid given subdomain (url6532)

I suposed I just needed to add links to page rules. Do I need to write anything else?

Sendgrid tells me it’s unable to reach CNAME

And the records in dnsimple are different in this ttwo places, maybe that’s the problem?

I’ve checked the dns ttl and it seems it’s still waiting. I’m not sure if I understand this data.

It looks like your registrar is eNom, and your name servers are not set correctly. You should only have the two Cloudflare name servers, so you’ll need to delete the dnsimple ones.

Thank you for your answer. This article says I have to change only two of them. Why is it wrong?

Sorry I cannot find the article now. I’m just afraid of my website turning offlline due to this change.

OK I made the changes, I’ll wait. Thank you

I’m afraid it didn’t work. My links still show the same message. Should I add the sengrid branding as a CNAME also here or would cloudflare pick it from dnsimple?

Same problem as before:

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