Site can't be reached after changing the DNS

Hello, I cannot access my site after changing my DNS to and
Please can you tell me what is going on with my site ?

Your domain is still pointing to your old nameservers. Last change was on 2108-10-15. Contact your registrar or check if your changes were saved. .
Slow like ■■■■. :pensive:

my other site worked but this site didn’t work after changing the DNS

You ain’t seen nothing yet :laughing:

Okay, maybe its a connection thing, but for me the site loaded reasonably fast. Not fast, but I have definitely experienced slower sites - Wordpress anyone? :woozy_face:

Anyhow, did you @anishshrestha541 just make an update? The nameservers look alright now, however you simply havent set up any DNS records and in that case it cant work.

At first my site dns was and but later I changed it to cloudfare dns. after my dns request was approved by registrar I opened my site but my site didn’t open. and again I changed the dns to old one and now i have again changed the dns to the cloudfare dns

Well, the nameservers are not the issue but the DNS records as just mentioned.

It even didn’t show up with your old nameservers.
I checked this before I did a whois on your domain.

You need to create DNS records at least for and www. and point them to your webserver.

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Now your website uses Cloudflare nameservers but it seems you forgot to add NS recorde in your Cloudflare account.

  • An A record for pointing to ypur server IP
  • A CNAME for alias of your Arecord
  • Other NS entries on demand (i.e. subdmains if you have any)

I changed my site dns to the one of the cloudfare dns but my site didn’t work. is my site. previously it worked fine but after changing the dns it didn’t work. And again I pointed my site dns to the old ones. I don’t know what actually is hapening with my site?

i changed my dns to the previous one

Your domain’s whois seems to confirm that, however it doesnt seem to have propagated yet. You will need to wait until that has fully propagated.

When did you change that? Three days ago?

my site is still showing the same dns even after changing dns from my service provider. What can I do ? Any Suggestion

Three threads for the same issue? And no response to the last question instead?

You should contact your regirtrar and ask them. I know there were Cloudflare nameservers but
it seems they were changed back again

The OP changed them back but it is unclear when exactly and he didnt follow up on that.

I requested to change the dns yesterday. They changed it but still the dns is pointing towards the old one

@sandro I changed it yesterday and they even changed the dns but it is still pointing the same

As I said that can take a while. If it still does not work by tomorrow I’d contact the registrar.

You should not chancge the NS back and forth. Especially if you want us to help you.
Propagation needs some time.