Site cant be found error dns 1001

hellow after i registered my domain on Cloudflare .i get those error too imgur[.]com/a/jjThvNh

Cloudflare Registrar is not the registry service, you added the domain to Cloudflare.

The 404 error means there is no site at the IP you have as a value for your A record, perhaps verify that the record you have :orange: has the correct IP…maybe it’s the other A record that is :grey:? If so, click the :orange: to make it :grey: and the :grey: to make it :orange: and visit the site again.

i currently have 3 record ,2 1 ip pointed at my vps 1 ip pointed at namecheap server and a cname all of those record :orange: ?

If you pause cloudfare on the site does the error go away? Actually, it’s working for me now, can you clear browser cache/try incognito mode to see if it works for you?

i just cleared the browser cache . it seems to work but on my rdp the site is still 404 .

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