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Is anyone else having a problem with their Cloudflare site not being able to be reached? I put in the domain and it says “This site cannot be reached.”

The website has been working fine for weeks, but now won’t open!

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I am having the issue for the ones that are proxied. No idea! Any thoughts?

I just posted a screenshot of my DNS record. Admittedly, I don’t know a lot about this stuff.

Thank you!

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The error is a wordpress error I suspect is caused by the lack of a dns record called sever, ah, change the AAAA record to a CNAME and verify you are using the correct value for that record.

I get a 403 on dev., can you share a screenshot of your dns records?

@brookethorne617, I suspect the value of the go CNAME record is incorrect. I get an NXDOMAIN error probably related to item 4 in this tip

I know this is a silly question, but what is my “origin IP address” that I am supposed to point it to?

It’ll usually be provided by your website’s hosting provider - unless you’re using something like Cloudflare Workers or Pages.

They’ll give you an IP address that you can make an A record with or they’ll give you a domain name to point to (that isn’t your domain name you have in Cloudflare) to use with a CNAME record.

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Thank you so much! I spoke to GoDaddy already and they said the issue has to be resolved with Cloudflare…even though I purchased my domain with GoDaddy, they said Cloudflare was now hosting. I am so confused!

I literally have no idea what to do

No worries, in reality your comment actually applies to gd, I think they gave you incorrect input.

I looked at the historical info wrt your domain, and see it’s been using cf for a while, before that there is a google ip. When you purchased the domain from gd, did you opt for any of their hosted wordpress options? If you have a site designer and/or admin they should be able to tell you where it is hosted.

I created the site myself since my boss purchased a click funnel program that teaches you how to create your own system…which is way out of my wheelhouse (if you couldn’t tell.) So, there is nobody to ask

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So, I just got off the phone with GoDaddy, again, and they said Cloudflare would have the IP address since Cloudflare is now hosting. Any thoughts here? I don’t know where to go now? This is the second time GD has said that, so I am really confused.

Keep the conversation here, Support won’t be able to assist you on this…this is the case even if you open multiple tickets, that is simply a waste of your time and the time of the Support team. Cloudflare is not a hosting provider, it’s a proxy service. Whoever is hosting your actual website content, that is the IP address you need to enter.

We’re unable to provide you with an IP address as we don’t host your content.

You are not using workers nor pages, which means the ip should be provided by your website’s hosting provider.

34. is the last IP used by your site before you started using cf, can you see if you have invoices for hosting with google?

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