Site cannot be reached pages


I’m unable to find any resources on how to fix this error.

A couple of weeks ago I purchased the domain name through Cloudflare, and created a Pages site:

Following that, I entered the Custom Domain details as shown below:

However, I’m not able to view my Pages site through the domain name, giving ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

This is the same either on mobile, or desktop (different networks).

The odd thing is that I’ve configured this as per every other website I’ve hosted on Cloudflare pages and they all work, the only difference is that I purchased this domain through Cloudflare, instead of just switching the nameservers over.

My DNS settings can be viewed online (or posted below if needed, since I can only put one image in a post).

Thanks in advance for any help.

I’m not seeing any problem loading your site, including tools that test from multiple locations. I get the same “work in progress” page with your domain as I do with the

Perhaps a local DNS cache issue is affecting you?

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Thanks for the sanity check, time to nuke my caches.


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